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Access to the gaming halls, the furnishing of services from the Manager of the Casinò di Sanremo (the Management) and the obligations of the Customer shall be governed not only by current regulations, to be considered referred to herein, but also by the following: GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT 1. The Management, in accordance with the stipulations of the regulations in force and in the absence of other impediments, and / or injunctions, also at absolute discretion from the Management itself, may issue the customer with a nominal entry card, if the customer presents a valid proof of identity (ID).

The data contained in the ID presented will be processed by the Management under the conditions specified in the information provided to customers in accordance with the Legislative Decree n. 196 of 2003 ("Privacy Code"). The entrance to the gaming rooms, shall be prohibited to; minors, to the military in uniform, to persons known to be engaged in the professional practice of gambling and other persons as specified in the regulations concerning the access to the gaming rooms. The entry card is strictly personal and non-transferable. It should be presented, together with a valid ID, to the employees supervising the gaming rooms, upon request. 2. The entry card allows access to entertainment areas and activities (French games, American games, mechanical and electronic games) under the conditions and the regulations applicable to each of them; it also allows access to support services for customers, and, through payment of the appropriate fees, to bar and restaurant services provided within the gaming rooms. The required entry cards may be revoked at any time, at sole discretion of the Management. The Management will endeavour to ensure the legality of the gaming activities, and the safety of customers by implementing the appropriate control and surveillance measures in order to avoid harassment, inappropriate or fraudulent behaviour. To this end, as stated in the Notice, video surveillance equipment will also be used in compliance with the regulations of the Privacy Code and the terms contained in the Regulations of the Privacy Guarantor. 3.The customer agrees to fully comply with the regulations of the games and other regulations of the House of Games, including the provisions set forth herein, and to abide by the highest standards of politeness and good conduct, honestly, diligently and in good faith. The customer may not in any way, transfer to third parties the entry card, nor the rights derived therefrom. 4. Any violation of obligations as specified in Article 3, as well as violation of the prohibition to transfer the entry card to third parties, will result in the legal termination of the contract, with immediate removal of the customer from the gaming rooms, being subject to the right of the Casinò di Sanremo’s management to demand for compensation for any damages suffered. 5. The customer, by receiving the entry card, acknowledges the present Terms and Conditions of the Contract and the Regulations of the Casinò di Sanremo. The Management

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