“Poker can be considered a branch of psychology, an art form or a way of life. Or just a game where money is used to keep score.” (Anthony Holden )

Texas Hold’em Poker is played with one deck of 52 French cards, with two cards dealt face down to each player. In the centre of the table three more cards are placed face up, followed by a fourth and then a fifth (all shared cards). Each player makes a bet, the object being to obtain the hand with the highest possible value using five cards (two in hand plus three on the table, or one in hand plus four).

At Casinò Sanremo, Texas Hold’em Poker can be played as a tournament. In this case the number of players cannot be less than 10. This formula requires the casino to determine the minimum bet for participation; establish the criteria of quantification for the total amount of winnings to be divided among the highest ranking players; identify the number of players among whom it will be divided; supervise the organisation and playing of one or more elimination rounds; formulate the final rankings of players who, at the end of the tournament, have the highest score.

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