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Fun, interactive, available in 3D; video poker, reel slots, a lot of the most captivating and popular models with frequent, high jackpot pay-outs.

There are always new surprises in the slot halls where over 479 slot machines with over 200 new games are waiting for enthusiasts. The 54 multigames mean that everyone has the chance to find the game most suited to their tastes and betting range, starting from 1 cent to €2.50, with a wide range of free games and bonus games available. Winning odds are among the highest around, as confirmed by the annual winnings during 2013 which reached € 19,353,317 (counting wins over €999 from 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013). 2015 is looking like a lucky year for players with some huge jackpots being paid out weekly to the lucky guests of the Casinò Sanremo. Compelling slot machines, dedicated to CSI “Crime Scene Investigation”, the American TV series seen all over the world including Italy, are the latest arrival on offer at Casinò Sanremo. You can play with a 1 cent bet and rack up bonuses on different levels and free games. The machines allow you to play and choose your own story to follow. Game amounts Casinò Sanremo slot machine games are played at a minimum bet of 1 cent up to €2.50, with the possibility of playing at multiples of the minimum bet. The average return percentage from the period 01/01/2013 – 31/12/2013 was 93,5%. Types of games At Casinò Sanremo significant wins are recorded every day, from the beginning of last year wins of over €999 have been paid for a total of € 4,760,285 and a daily average of €60,257. Al Casinò di Sanremo si registrano vincite importanti ogni giorno, dall’inizio dell’anno sono state pagate vincite superiori a 999 € per un totale di € 4.760.285 per una media giornaliera di € 60.257. In 2014 wins over €999 amounted to €20,373,817 total, with a daily average of €57,553. In 2013 wins over €999 amounted to € 20.069.544 total, with a daily average of €58,764. Jackpot There are total 58 jackpots available to be won on standalone (one machine) and collective games (machines joined together) for a total value of €685,035.00 Jackpots are available on both slot machines and video poker. This collective prize in particular involves 26 machines, covering two rooms and which compete at 5 levels of jackpot with a staggered scale, which if surmounted, rewards the player with over € 20,000. Generous, personalized jackpots. There are three €1 slots which respectively give out total prizes of €25.000 €82.000 and € 145.000. The player tests himself with the machine in a direct challenge which can bring rich results. Piggy Banking Piggy Banking is the prize ladder that keeps on giving. There are 24 slots, both reel and video, with new and exciting games, all held by the generous little piggy who decides when to award it to one or more of the players, dividing it among 4 levels of winnings so as to make everyone happy. To date the winnings have amounted to €5.536.220 for a daily average of €5.010. How to play slot machines All the slot machines at Casinò Sanremo have banknote slots and use the EZ Pay system, an advanced system which allows you to take a ticket which you can cash in straight away or use in other machines. Reel Slot Machines In the world of slot machines these are the classics: as a main feature they have 3 or more reels. These are reels displaying the classic symbols (7, cherries, Bar) which, when they stop spinning, give the result; if the result corresponds to one of the combinations shown on the pay table, you win the relative amount shown. Video Slot In this type of machine, the game is played through virtual reels shown on the screen with captivating graphics which are often interactive. In this slot model there are often bonuses to play on the screen. Multigame These video-machines too let the player choose the game, each one different, such as video slots, video poker or keno. Videopoker These are slot machines which reproduce a game of poker on the screen with rules and modes which may be different from traditional poker but always following classic combinations (royal flush, straight, full house, two pair, etc.). Video Roulette These slot machines reproduce the classic game of skill the French way (single 0), available in individual and multiplayer versions. Keno These are the classic 80-number bingo games, where the player chooses between 1 and 10 numbers which, to come up as winners, have to be the same as those extracted by the machine. Many machines include extra wins via bonuses and free spins. The bonus means an increase of winnings for the player; it is paid out by the machine according to the amount played through an often interactive extra game. Free Spins are extra spins won during game play./br> Slot machine terminology:

  • Bet: money bet..
  • Bet Max: Maximum possible bet
  • Cash/Cash out/Collect: This identifies the button the player has to press to receive the winnings.
  • <liHeld/Hold: This means to hold a reel in slot machines or video slots and to hold a card in video poker.
  • Deal Draw: in video poker this button is to change the hand..
  • Combination: group of symbols which form a result at a game’s conclusion.
  • Linea/Line/Lines: lines on which winning combinations are counted..
  • Multiplier: type of machine with one or more pay lines in which winning combinations are multiplied by the amount played.
  • Buy a pay: Type of machine with one game type and on which the winning combinations depend on the amount bet

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