Casinò Sanremo has one of the most elegant and noble theatres in Liguria

Well might it boast its Artistic Direction, which was overseen in the 1930s by no less than Luigi Pirandello and which continues today to play music, cultural and theatre events all year round. It has hosted scores of cultural events such as “Martedì Letterari”, considered the cultural highpoint of west Liguria, it has been awarded the “Medaglia del Presidente della Repubblica” and the prestigious ”Adesione del Presidente della Repubblica”.
The Sanremo Symphony Orchestra resides in the theatre, playing an average of 100 concerts per year. The structure itself holds a total of 400 places: 255 seats, two reserved for those with disabilities, 99 in the hall and there are 9 box seats. The stage is 220m2, while the audience seating extends to 260m2, and the hall and boxes 103m. The proscenium is 7 metres high.
The curtain is embroidered with the colours so dear to Casinò Sanremo: gold at the bottom with a resounding red above, a colour which is also found on the seats. Above the stage, the Lion, symbol of the city is enthroned, while on aside the curtains stand fresh flowers, distinctive of the Riviera and the city.

Style, prestige, history

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