Responsible gaming

Gambling or gaming is one of the most appealing pastimes in the world and attracts millions of people every year.
However, it must be noted that some develop bad habits as regards gaming and these habits can go on to have a negative impact on these people’s lives. To safeguard the wellbeing of these people, Casinò Sanremo has made itself a promoter of Responsible Gaming, with the aim of making sure that gaming in the Casino remains strictly a form of harmless entertainment.
Any guest for whom gaming becomes a cause for concern can come to the company personnel for advice and support on the matter in complete confidence.
Guests have a number of safety structures at their service to ensure the wellbeing of themselves and others at all times. One such structure is the ability of guests to request self-exclusion from the Casino by completing the appropriate form. This self-exclusion remains in places for a period of no less than three months.

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